Cookie Time

It has been downright cold in SC the past few days. We were done with school the other day, but stuck inside. No one wanted to brave the cold if there was no snow to play in. I didn’t blame the children, but we all needed a diversion. So I announced we were baking cookies. I gathered all five of my blessing in the kitchen for a fun math lesson. As a homeschooling mom I can’t miss an opportunity to teach even while having a good time. Not only did they learn about measurements, but because I know this recipe makes enough to share and we weren’t going anywhere to share the extras, I planned to cut the recipe in half. Even more math to learn. They all took turns measuring, dumping and stirring ingredients. We had a great time and in just about an hour we had yummy, warm, chocolate chip goodness for an afternoon snack.

Thank you Faye for passing this recipe on to me a few years ago. I’ve enjoyed cookie making with my children and over the years have gladly prepared this heavenly goodness to share with others. Hope you enjoy it too.


2 cups shortening—crisco butter flavoring (If you don’t have shortening, just use softened butter or margarine)
2 cups sugar——can use splenda but if you’re gonna indulge you might as well go all out
1 cup brown sugar
4 eggs
5 cups flour
2 teaspoons soda

2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons vanilla (almond extract is good too, just reduce to 1 tsp)
1 pound bag chocolate chips or other candy

Get out your biggest pot. You will need it for the full recipe. Blend all dry ingredients in a large pot.  Cut in shortening until you have a crumbly texture. If you have one of those little gadgets for cutting in butter use it. It is less messy. But, if not just use your hands by rubbing shortening and flour together between your fingers. Add eggs, vanilla and chips. This mixes best by using your hands. A spoon is OK but this is a stiff dough and can be difficult to stir. The mixture needs to be moist enough to stick together. If not add a tablespoon of water at a time until moistened. (You can lick your fingers if you’re not on a diet of some sort! If you are, put your hands in soapy water fast! Don’t forget to wash after licking.)

Divide dough in 1/2…put in 13” x 9” glass dishes (sprayed with non-stick spray). Press dough evenly into pans. You want the cookies to be thick.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 to 35 minutes or until nice and brown.

Cool completely.  The longer they cool the firmer they become…if you can’t wait they may fall apart a little—but the eating part is still good!!  Cut with a spatula after the cookie bars have cooled.

Have a great time pleasing the family with these goodies!!

ps—these cookies do freeze well but are so good you might not have any left over to freeze


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The Young Theologian

I am 17 and I love theology, writing, and apologetics. I learn a lot from my dad who is pastor, but I also learn a lot from God's Word. I am a musician and singer who praises God constantly. I love to get Godly advice and give Godly advice. I also use my God-given talent for writing to encourage others, believers or not.

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