One Pound at a Time

Do you ever dread getting on the scale because you know it’s gonna be at least 5 pounds more than you want it to be. Well, over the past few months as I have been on an all-you-can-see diet the pounds have been gluing themselves to my midsection. I’ve packed on about 10 extra pounds. This morning I let out the waist line of some shorts I took in a couple of summers ago. Those pounds didn’t come on all at once. It was a candy bar here, an extra serving of pasta there. I am officially uncomfortable with my body. I sure am glad that Psalm 139:14 tells me I can praise my Lord because He made me wonderful. His workmanship is marvelous and I know it. So if God made me so wonderful, why am I feeling so miserable in my body?

Well, my eating habits over the past few months just goes to prove that we will reap whatever we sow or harvest whatever we plant (Gal. 6:7). I’ve planted sugar, fat, lack of exercise, bread, and too much snacking into my body and have grown rounder. Just about anyone except the forever beanpole people understand what I’m saying. Maybe those blessed with a skinny gene can understand that when we don’t eat healthy we feel sluggish, don’t sleep well, suffer from exhaustion, our skin has lost that healthy glow, and we just feel ugh.

Last night I was out to dinner with some other stay-at-home-home-schooling moms and wouldn’t you guess it the topic just happened to get on diets. One mom said she is a walking mirical because she has probably tried ever fad diet that has come around and lived to tell about it. I had to sing the praises of Weight Watchers. Yes WW works for me me when I work it. The problem is I don’t work it all the time.

Robby asked me to review the things we’ve learned before about reducing cholesterol through diet a few months back. Then I realized I was dealing with an overgrowth of candida so I started reading up on controlling that through my diet. All this reading was leading me to believe that my body is so full of toxins that I need a good cleaning. So (you guessed it) I started reading up on detoxing.

What I’m learning through all this reading is that I need a lifestyle change. Yes, my body is overloaded with toxins from my environment, the foods I eat, and the medication I have been on. Because I have been recovering from surgery, I have not been on much of an exercise routine. But, the truth is I started slacking off my exercise a few weeks before surgery. I stopped counting my WW points a few weeks before surgery as well. I can’t blame these 10 pounds on recovering from surgery. I have a problem with chocolate, just about anything sweet, and bread.

So, what am I planning to do about it? Just as the extra fluff around the middle came on one pound at a time it will have to melt away one pound at a time. Here is my plan to lose 10 pounds and improve my health:
 *Do stretching exercise to improve flexibility and balance daily
 *Walk 20-30 minutes 5 days a week
 *Drink ½ my body weight in ounces of water daily
 *Take a multi-vitamin, vitamin C, Calcium, B-Complex, fish oil, and a probiotic daily
 *Add extra fiber to my diet. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
 *Eat a serving of nuts and/or seeds daily
 *Eat less food
 *Stay away from the sweets

I am putting my plan out there for all the world to see. I’ve asked a friend to help keep me accountable. She called me this week. I had to tell her the truth—I had not stayed on my plan. I challenge you to make a plan for improved health, get an accountability partner and start living that plan. Losing the extra pounds needs to be more than just a diet. It needs to be a lifestyle change.

“Only by Your power, God, can I push back my enemies (extra pounds); only in Your name, O Lord, can I trample my foes (flab). I do not trust in my bow (self-control); I do not count on my sword (plan) to save me. You, O Lord, are the One who gives my victory over my enemies (flab). ” Psalm 44:5-7.


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The Young Theologian

I am 17 and I love theology, writing, and apologetics. I learn a lot from my dad who is pastor, but I also learn a lot from God's Word. I am a musician and singer who praises God constantly. I love to get Godly advice and give Godly advice. I also use my God-given talent for writing to encourage others, believers or not.

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