The Highway of Life cont.

As I drive along the highway of life I encounter hills and valleys, windy roads and monotonous stretches, potholes of various sizes, an occasional flat tire or two, and sometimes my tank runs on empty. I keep driving because God’s grace is sufficient for me (2 Cor. 12:9).

The past few years it seems that the highway of my life has been full of potholes, windy roads, and flat tires. Many times I’ve been running on empty. Both my husband and I have a Chiari malformation. That means we are so smart out brain is falling out of our skulls.  In the span of 2 ½ years Robby has had two brain surgeries, and I have had one. I had my brain surgery just 3 ½ weeks ago.  I am frequently asked, “How do you do it?” “It” meaning dealing with major illnesses while home schooling five children, maintaining a small organic hobby farm, caring for an ailing parent, nurturing my marriage, and maintaining my home. My constant response, “God gets me through one day at a time.”

  • Jesus Christ is the light to my path (Ps. 119:105)
  • Jesus Christ is my calm in the storm (Ps. 107:29)
  • Jesus Christ is my healer (Ps. 103:3)
  • Jesus Christ is my help in times of trouble (Ps. 46:1)
  • Jesus Christ is my strength and my salvation (Ps. 27:1)

I would have no joy along this road of life without a daily relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have learned that when the pot holes in life become more like sink holes engulfing everything around me I need to pick up my Bible, dust it off, and begin to read. His word will help you navigate the road map of life.

“So, how do I fit daily Bible reading/study into my already busy schedule?” you ask.

I must make it a priority. Over the years I’d start a reading plan only to have daily life push Bible reading to the side of the road. I would often tell God, “I don’t have time. You gave me this house and farm to tend to, five children to care for, and a husband to respect. I’m too tired.” God responded with patience. He told me He would always be with me (Heb. 13:5) He showed me that I was putting the happenings of daily life before Him. I needed to be teachable. I needed to rely on God to manage my day but couldn’t do that if I was constantly telling God—“not now, maybe later.” I thought  Ididn’t have the self-control needed for good habits. I recently read Prayer Launch by Veridee Hand. She enlightened me to the fact that self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5). I have self-control; I just don’t always walk in it. So I began praying that I would embrace the self-control He hasalready gifted me with to discipline myself for daily Bible/Prayer time.

“So, when do you find the time to read?” you ask.

I strive to read God’s work early in the morning before my children wake up. I enjoy coffee and the Word while the house is quiet. I’ve found that I’m a kinder mom when I start my day with God. However, as I recover from surgery I’ve slept later than my children. So some days it is after breakfast, just before bed, or in the middle of the night when I make the time to spend with God.

Recently Robby put a Bible app called You Version on my cell phone. This app has made Bible reading a little more accessible to me. I usually have my phone on or near me most of the day. That means I can easily read a verse or two during a rare quiet moment (usually locked in the bathroom). I have set up a daily reading plan and my phone gives me a daily reminder. I’ve learned to let my family know when I am reading my Bible rather than playing a game on my phone. I will put down a game. But, unless they are standing in a pool of blood or the house is on fire, I am learning to tell them my time with God comes first. If they want to sit beside me, I will gladly read out loud to them. My children are learning by my actions that Bible study is important. I’m also learning to pick up a pen and journal several times a week logging the insights I’ve gained from the scriptures.

Additionally, when a particular verse jumps out at me, I write it on a sticky note, index card, or just a scrap of paper. I post the verse in a place I will see it often. Therefore, throughout my day I read the verse and hide it in my heart (Ps. 119:11). Recently while rummaging through a drawer I found a treasure—a long forgotten scripture note. I like to hide scripture notes around the house so when I least expect it, but need it I find these treasures.

I challenge you today to put God first in your life. Without Him you would not have the daily distractions that so often become an excuse not to visit with God.


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The Young Theologian

I am 17 and I love theology, writing, and apologetics. I learn a lot from my dad who is pastor, but I also learn a lot from God's Word. I am a musician and singer who praises God constantly. I love to get Godly advice and give Godly advice. I also use my God-given talent for writing to encourage others, believers or not.

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2 thoughts on “The Highway of Life cont.”

  1. Great blog – we, as a family have been doing our scripture reading and devotions from an app off of the phone for a few years. Why this works better than actually picking up the bible and reading is still a curiousity for me. But I Thank God that he has put this in our life. I also very Thankful that you are having success from your surgery! What a Blessing 😉 Praise God !!!

  2. Hi Barbara, Robby and family!
    We also recently added You Version Bible app to our cell phones. We like it! It’s a quick supplement to Bible usage! Thanks for sharing your new blog and we rejoice with you all in what our Lord is doing in all of your lives!
    We are thrilled that you are now on the Lord’s path of recovery after such major surgeries. You are practicing/walking in God’s presence as you keep His Word before you. Yes, one day at a time…in Him :>)
    Blessings and friendship,

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